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About Me

As a freelance insurance copywriter, I help you win more clients by writing engaging copy that resonates with your target audience.

A former trainer for State Farm Insurance, my job was to disassemble complicated policies and procedures so that new employees could easily comprehend them. With a natural interest in both teaching and personal finance, I was able built trust by making difficult things easy to understand.

Crafting your brand and establishing you as an authority in your industry—the business with all the answers—I can help align your online presence with your real-life goals.

What I do is empower your clients to make insightful decisions. Often, winning them over for life as part of your client family.

Maybe it’s “uncool” to be enthusiastic about breaking down the notoriously complex stuff like insurance or retirement planning. But I think you’d agree that winning a lifelong client by humanizing these robotic topics is well worth it!

And don’t worry. I do “cool” things, too. Things like tour the U.S. as an indie Americana musician, adopt way too many shelter dogs, and DIY everything.

Nevertheless, if you need someone to analyze your target audience and write specifically for them, you found her. A whiz with SEO, I can make your business buzz online.

Plus, we can talk dogs or music if you’re game.

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