Why work with me?

I’m convinced it’s the songwriter in me, but what I do best is tell your business story. Backed with insurance knowledge from my time as a corporate trainer at State Farm, I’m driven to empower people through education.

A professional ghostwriter, it thrills me to demystify complex topics surrounding insurance, personal finance, mental health, and parenting.

Goal-oriented and not at all boring, I quite enjoy the challenge of infusing life into topics that others may perceive as dull. Basically, I’m the copywriter you wish you had on staff. Plus, I’m a dynamite baker and I like to share. So, win-win on the teammate idea!

I love getting behind business with a convincing long game, nurturing visitors into long-term clients. If that’s you and you’re ready to muscle up your insurance branding, let’s chat.

My email is Dyanne@LetterAhead.com and my phone is 217-871-4828. (Tip: email is best.)